Black String Monster

Black String Monster

Black String Monster

2005 - 2016

Medium: Ink, Charcoal, Cotton, Canson Paper, Acrylic.

Composition based on an image I found in an art history book, featuring a frightening but humorous detail by an artist whose name I cannot recall, perhaps Michelangelo. Yes, it was Michelangelo, on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, no less, portraying the priest that was giving him hassle at the time.

I have repainted the face of the beast so many times that he will soon disappear or appear as something else but nothing particular at all. An abstract.

The belly of my beast is carved and burnt out of the paper and there is a black string coming out of him. The string is where the snake used to be, but it does not represent a snake. I don't actually know what it represents but I'm sure it's not a snake. It could be oil or shit.

No sheepskin is illustrated in this drawing but I sometimes use it as a backdrop in photoshoots that contain sheepskins in the foreground. I don't know why but I do it constantly.

This drawing is about death as much as it is about fear. In the original work the beast is fearless even as the serpent bites his penis. This work is neither of a religious nature nor a personal grudge. The snake is gone and the priest lost his crown. Darkness rules here. The oil coming out of the belly of the beast is used for his lamp.

Surreal, excruciating and de·bil·i·tat·ing fear strikes my gut when I look at this drawing. It is the most frightening object in my studio.

The greatest and seemingly everlasting fear I have come across in this cave is the fear of death.

black string monster progress fire milo dlouhy

  • This photograph shows the beast in process. As you can see he used to be quite colourful, with lips raw from devouring and cheeks stained with blood. But his head caught on fire and eventually turned to grey ash.  

Addendum: Studio photograph of Milo Dlouhy standing behind a red chair upon which sits a dark dark painting titled “Black Edges” by John Will.

IT IS ALL ABOUT DEATH, as many have said... Note 1: John Will painting pictured below; Titled: Black Edges. A painting from my collection, featuring a photograph I took of JAW sitting under a large carving of his face, made by Lisa Brawn.

I will zoom in a little so that you can see it.

© 2016 Milo Dlouhy

it is all about death red chair milo dlouhy